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Head Girl's Message

"Individually we are good, but together we are magnificent". I joined school 8 year ago I Have known, and experienced many other opportunities. A school which has given me so many things throughout, an education, an identity and me the person of substance that I am today. I would like to thank the people who have supported me on my. I had so much fun with all of you. Your enthusiasm and kindness has been extraordinary. I like to thank, my year group both for their work and as my perfect team. I am really grateful for their support.

As we are here to the end of our school lives, we all have great plans for our future that awaits so very eagerly for us.

Leadership had always fascinated me, that though it means to lead people, it doesn't mean making them follow you. I tried my level best to bring out the best from the fellow students. It is time now for ideas for them to make the difference.

Head Girl