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Best Method Of Learning

  • Inculcate in yourself the habit of pre reading and post reading.
  • While post reading mark difficult portions in different inks and discuss your the very next day in class.
  • Always begin with easy, move on to average and then difficult portion.
  • Try and Learn the content taught on regular basis.
  • Be not in a habit of piling of workload. Complete HW and Assignments and submit on time.
  • Prepare a detailed date - wise schedule for revision of all subjects.
  • Avoid verbal learning only. Whatever is learnt must be penned down by you.
  • Solve all your queries from concerned teacher till you are perfectly confident.
  • Be proactive and try and develop a strong will power. Remember success Comes to those who work hard.
  • Try and do self assessment of whatever you have learnt on regular basis.
  • Be a patient and keen listener in class and remove all your doubts immediately After the class.
  • Work in groups, prepare and exchange your question bank and be interactive With co-students.
  • Utilize every free period in doing self study.
  • To improve concentration, do meditation.
  • Avoid cramming of the subject, try to have a better understanding of the basic Concept.