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Aim And Objective

The deep rooted believe of school is that one can gain complete knowledge if he or she is disciplined. Motto of the school "THE ONE WHO LOVES KNOWLEDGE LOVES DISCIPLINE" itself reflects it.
The school emphasis on absolute human values. As Milton condemns human disobedience, which caused the doom of Adam & Eve who were living happily in Eden Garden, God loved them to much even then they disobeyed Him and their disobediency became the cause of human falls. The same thing we observe in our daily life that parent are loving their offspring and ready to do anything for them even then some of the children disobey their parents & suffer countless challenges & struggle to survive. They never turn up as per the expectation of their parents. There is no hesitation to say that there is always question mark against their future. To come out of this greatest problem we infuse in the mind of students to be disciplined & gain knowledge.
Object of the school is to make the students independent, so that they will become the asset for their family & society. The practice of knowledge with discipline leads to success and thus to a happier & complete life, which in turn shall lead to happier world.