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Examination And Promotion Policy

Pre Nur-class II:

  • No formal Examination.
  • Only Consolidated Sheets are to be generated
  • Performance of the students will be judged on the basis of five points scales/Grades as given below :-
    • A-Excellent
    • B-Very Good
    • C-Good
    • D-Satisfactory Average
    • E-Needs Improvement
  • Normally Students are not detained at this stage.
Grading policy for class Pre Nur-class II
Evaluation Key Academics
A+ = 90% and above C+ 55% - 59%
A = 80% - 89% C 50% - 54%
B+ = 70% - 79% D+ 45% - 49%
B = 60% -69% D 40% - 44%
E = Below 40 %
Grades for Co-Scholastic Activity
Excellent A
Very Good B
Good C
Satisfactory D
needs Improvement E

Class III-X:

Weightage Distribution:

For final assessment, after annual Examination, the weightage of various Examinations areas below :-

Type of assessment
Percentage of weightage in academic session
Term Wise
Formative Assessment-I 10% Weightage
Formative Assessment-2 20% FA-1 -2 =20%
Summative Assessment-I 30% SA-1=30%
Type of assessment
Percentage of weightage in academic session
Term Wise Weightage
Formative Assessment-3 10% Nov. FA-3+4 = 20%
Formative Assessment-4 20% Jan-Feb
Summative Assessment-2 30% march SA-2 = 30%

Formative Assessments = FA-1 + FA-2 + FA-3 + FA-4 = 40%

Summative Assessments = SA - 1+SA-2 = 60%

will be three areas/parts of assessment given below: PART - 1

PART I Consists of the evaluation of Scholastic Attainments which will be reflected in the card in the form of grades and Percentile Rank. *

PART I (A) :

There will be two terms the first term will be from April-September and the second term from October to March of the subsequent year.

Each term will have two Formative and one Summative Assessment Assessment will be indicated in Grades and percentile rank. The Grading Scale the Scholastic Domain is nine point Scale.

PART - I (B)

This will assess students of work Experience, Art Education and Physical and Health Education. It will be assessed on a five point grading scale.

Overall Grade will be given at the end of the class.

PART - 2

Part 2 consists of Co-Scholastic Areas where participants are assessed in two parts; 2 (A) Life Skills and 2(B) Attitudes and Values.

PART 2(A) : Life skills : This consists of Thinking skills, Social skills and Emotional skills which will be assessed on a five point grading scale.

PART 2(B) : This consists of attitude towards Teachers, Schoolmates, School Programmes and Environment and will be assessed on a three point grading scale.

Vie Systems refers to the framework which must be developed right from primary to secondary level. be assessed on a three point grading scale.

PART - 3

Part 3 consists of Co-Scholastic areas wherein choice in participation and assessment thereof is available. This part consists of two sub parts.

PART 3(A):

Literary & Creative skills, Scientific skills, Aesthetic skills and performing Art and Clubs (Eco, Health and wellness clubs etc.

PART 3(B) :

Eight different kinds of activities have been provided.

1: 1. Sports indigenous sports (Kho-Kho etc.) 2. NCC/NSS. 3. Scouting and Guiding. 4Swinming. 5. Gymnastics 6. Yoga. 7. First Aid.

2 :_ Gardening / Shramdan

The learner needs to be assessed on any two from the first subpart and from the second subpart. The nine point grading scale for measuring scholastic achievements is reproduced below :

511(Think)512 (Social) 513 (Emotional) 514 (Work Education) 515 (Visual & Art) 525 (System) 521(Attitude Towards Teachers) 522 (Towards School Mates) 523 (Towards School Programmes)

Marks Range
Grade Point
91-100 A1 10.0
81-90 A2 9.0
71-80 B1 8.0
61-70 B2 7.0
51-60 C1 6.0
41-50 C2 5.0
33-40 D 4 .0
21-32 E1
00-20 E2

Note : All assessment with regard to the academic status of the students shall be done in marks and overall assessment will be given in grades.

I he Assessment of Performance in the areas like work experience, Art. Education and Health & Physical Education will to be done on 5 point scale given at the back of the card.

Assessment with be recorded once a year Promotion policy for classes III - X Changes to be implemented as CBSE norms.

Classes XI:

Weightage Distribution For final assessment, afterAnnual Examination, the weightage of various tests examinations are as under.

Test/Exams Weightage
Weekly tests Best 3 20%
Half Yearly Examination 30%
Annual Examination 50%

Apart from 4 rounds weekly test any subject other test can he conducted such as open book, surprise test class test MCO etc.

Promotion Policy for Class XI :

Promotion of a student to the higher class is based on the result that is categorized in three categories i.e., clear pass, pass with grace marks. conditional pass fourth category is detained cases.

the Result categories are described below-

Clear Pass As per CBSE norm each student getting 33% marks in each subject as well as in aggregate wi Il be declared "Clear Pass" such student will be promoted to the next higher and also awarded a rank.

In case of practical subject. it is mandatory to pass in theory and practical separately with 33% marks. CBSE has Introduced twelve scholastic grades in different fields for all classes.

The Grades will be allotted by CBSE as per the descriptive indicators mentioned by the school